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Advisory Board Roundtable

ICDP is on of Haas’ largest programs, working with each year’s entire MBA class, several dozen corporate partners, and a growing number of undergrads on the Berkeley campus. We are in the process of putting together an advisory board to help guide our expansion. Are you (and/or your firm) interested in furthering our mission through engagement, funding advice, and network expansion? We would love to speak with you!


We appreciate corporate support to further our mission. Your backing signals your leadership, and helps us deliver leading edge programming and experiences.


If you can dream it, you can do it. We love big ideas and innovative partnerships. Some of our previous collaborations have led to new courses, design sprints, and unique internships. Let’s talk.

Speakers and Coaches

Do you love this work as much as we do? Have something original to share? Let us know if you are interested in speaking or coaching, and we’ll keep you in mind!

“Contemporary thinking about corporate innovation is evolving rapidly. This includes a greater emphasis on customer-centered and design-based tools, open and lean methods, developing outposts for technology and talent scouting, and nurturing external ecosystems and internal processes that support a more collaborative innovation mindset.

Programs which bring faculty, students, and industry practitioners are more important than ever. We believe Berkeley is uniquely positioned to bridge the gap between theory and practice, create an innovation community, and help prepare both our partners and students to thrive in this changing environment.”

Dave Rochlin
Lecture and Executive Director
Innovation, Creativity, and Design Practice

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