We develop hands-on innovation, creativity, and design thinking skills and methods to lead changes.




Hands On.

The Innovation, Creativity, and Design practice at Haas connects Berkeley faculty and students with companies interested in enhancing their innovation approach and strategies, and advancing new initiatives. Through our flagship Haas@Work innovation agency MBA course, we assist our partners with insight and opportunity generation, concept development and testing, and business modeling. Our diverse student body allows us to work across industry sectors on a variety of organizational challenges.

The MBA Innovation Agency

Our approach to student project work differs substantially from traditional generic MBA “Field Study” courses. We focus specifically on solving ambiguous and open-ended issues, using contemporary strategic innovation and design thinking tools and frameworks emphasizing insight development, divergent thinking, creative problem solving, rapid iteration, and experimentation. Students work closely with your team throughout engagements, and the work is heavily curated by faculty.

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Student-Powered Services

Ad-hoc ethnography, observation, ideation, and problem solving work is available from our MBA “innovation squad”: A group of students who are interested in flexing their design thinking muscles, and available to conduct user research, act as a test population, or work with your team to provide an outside voice.
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Executive Roundtables

Participate in a variety of formal and informal activities throughout the year focused on sharing information and best practices, including roundtables, workshops, student mentoring, and smaller coffee and lunch gatherings. If you are interested in a larger role and commitment, we are also recruiting for our advisory board.
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Custom Learning and Workshops

Custom learning session typically run for either a half for full day, and can serve as a ‘master class’ for those more experienced in design work, or as an introduction for your team or visiting colleagues.

If you are looking to solve a specific problem, we can also facilitate a team session that guides you through the appropriate tools and frameworks to make progress and get “unblocked.”
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