What’s New 

Haas launches new design thinking curriculum

A cohesive school-wide curriculum around design thinking launched this week, which includes a new design thinking course, intense “design sprints,” and an expanded pool of lecturers with deep work and teaching experience in design thinking.

More here (http://newsroom.haas.berkeley.edu/haas-launches-new-design-thinking-curriculum/)

2018 Signal and Drivers Foresight Guide available

Each year we run a cohort wide foresight sprint with the EWMBA program. The 2018 edition of student-generated signals and drivers across six domains is available here. ( https://berkeley.box.com/s/wkd0x38cg65nf8op0o2dlnwca5ucb7lt)

When innovation meets the language of the corner office

Executive Director Dave Rochlin Weighs in on what are the best ways to tailor the language of innovation to the executive suite in MIT Sloan Management Review. More here  (https://sloanreview.mit.edu/article/when-innovation-meets-the-language-of-the-corner-office/)

Does innovation mean rule-breaking?

LA Times piece on the rise of gray market innovation as a tactic for startups. More here ( http://www.latimes.com/opinion/op-ed/la-oe-0727-rochlin-gray-market-20150727-story.html)

Project with PG&E on now to help businesses with energy efficiency

Though the Haas@Work innovation agency, a team helped PG&E with some fresh ideas in working with small- and medium-size businesses on energy efficiency. More here (http://www.pgecurrents.com/2015/01/02/berkeley-cal-berkeley-students-pge-partner-to-help-businesses-with-energy-efficiency-2/)

Peet’s gets a shot of creativity from Berkeley MBAs

How the Haas@Work innovation agency helped Peet’s Coffee & Tea find new ways of engaging Millennials. More here (https://blogs.haas.berkeley.edu/2015/06/04/peets-gets-a-shot-of-creativity-from-haas-mbas/)

Design Thinking Demystified: an Interview with Clark Kellogg

Forbes discusses the rise of design thinking as a business tool with Clark Kellogg. More here (http://www.forbesindia.com/article/ckgsb/design-thinking-demystified-an-interview-with-clark-kellogg/36967/0)